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Marketing Business Led Digital Transformation

Roadmap. Sales & Marketing technology evaluation and selection. Digital, Marketing, Distribution strategy formulation and execution.


Digital, Marketing, Data, Distribution/Ecommerce Strategy.

Together with clients' teams:
Review. Formulate. Execute. with the right solutions and tech partners to achieve performace at different stages and to craft the right experience for your customers. Hotel brand's status, awareness level will be at the core of each strategy, apart from revenue.    


Our services will be on project basic. It shall be commencing from research, data gathering and analysis required for the strategy revision and/or formulation. Engagement with client will start from that stage. Example, for new hotel project, ideal engagement period starts from product design. And re-engage about 6 months prior to tentative hotel opening date.


With over 20 years of combined experiences in hotel distribution, digital marketing/ecommerce, and hospitality technology.

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